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Tata Hall

Tata Hall

About Tata Hall

Tata Hall, opened in November of 2018, houses facilities for the biological and physical sciences and is the home of the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society. The Tata Institute for Genetics and Society is a binational institution that coordinates research between UC San Diego and research operations in India to assist in societal and infrastructure development in the area of combating vector-borne diseases. Tata Hall is named in recognition of a generous $70 million gift from Tata Trusts. Tata Trusts is a philanthropic organization that plays a pioneering role in transforming charity work into lasting societal change focused on improving education, health, employment, nutrition and water security by pursuing grant-making, direct implementation of change and creating co-partnership strategies.

Building Details

Naming Type: Donor
Building Location: Revelle College
Date Constructed: September 9, 2018
Predominant Use: Laboratory/Research
Floors or Levels: 8 Floors
Other Names:



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