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George H. Scripps Memorial Marine Biological Laboratory

Scripps Memorial Marine Biological Laboratory

About George H. Scripps Memorial Marine Biological Laboratory

The first building constructed on the Scripps campus, Old Scripps was named for George Henry Scripps, younger brother of Ellen Browning Scripps. For a number of years it housed all of the institution, including a public aquarium, research laboratories, and offices, and served as the home for the institution's founder and first director, William Emerson Ritter, and his wife, physician Mary Elizabeth Bennet Ritter. The second-floor southeast room, known as the Old Scripps Library, has been restored to a small conference room with artifacts from the early days of the institution. The Graduate Department and the Development Office occupy offices in Old Scripps. Old Scripps was designated as San Diego Historic Site #119 in 1977, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 10, 1977, and became a National Landmark in 1982.

Building Details

Naming Type: Honorary
Building Location: Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Date Constructed: January 1, 1910
Predominant Use: Laboratory/Research
Floors or Levels: 2 Floors
Other Names:

Scripps Memorial Laboratory
Old Scripps Building


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