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Brennan Apartments

Brennan Apartments

About named building

The Brennan Apartments house second-year Warren students and provide them with convenient and picturesque housing as part of the greater Warren residential community. Serving as one of the main apartment complexes in Warren College, the Brennan Apartments are named after the Honorable William J. Brennan Jr. who served on the United States Supreme Court with Chief Justice Earl Warren. Justice Brennan was a highly influential justice who was known as the leader of the Court's liberal wing. His ability to shape opinions and bargain for votes proved to be highly valuable in pushing through many of the Court's liberal rulings. 


Naming Type: Honorary
Building Location: Warren College
Date Constructed: January 1, 1984
Predominant Use: Residential
Floors or Levels: 6 Floors
Other Names:

Warren Apartments - Brennan


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