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Learn About the ONBOARDING Project


The UC San Diego ONBOARDING Project is being implemented by the Office of Program Management and Business Integration, led by the offices of Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services, and in partnership with key central offices and departments. The goal of the ONBOARDING Project is to create a consistent and positive experience for everyone joining the Triton Family.

UC San Diego is faced with increased competition in the labor market with 25% of its employees eligible to retire in the near future. We must not just hire the right people; we must also retain them. Retention of employees is highly dependent on how welcome they are made to feel when they join an organization. Within the first 30 days of employment, a new employee will decide if they feel welcome. Staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment 22% of the time, and 90% of new employees make their decision on whether to stay at a company within the first six months. 

In addition to providing a positive experience for new hires, the ONBOARDING Project provides institutional benefits as well. Separated into four quadrants, known as the “4Cs” of Onboarding, they are:


Employees connect with the University in different ways and for different reasons including education, culture, sense of community, and more. The ONBOARDING Project will explore what employees value - their connection to UC San Diego - and look at ways to enhance it. 


Automation of new hire forms and processes, such as I-9, W-4, work authorizations, and gathering of demographic data, will ensure consistency and compliance with State and Federal requirements.


The ONBOARDING Project will create capacity by automating processes and workflow. Efficiencies are gained in the hiring department through the elimination of the preparation of the forms packet (copying, assembling, and manual signing by new hire).  At the central office level, it eliminates manual scanning, indexing and filing of completed forms.

Customer service

In line with the Chancellor’s Strategic Initiative to create a service oriented culture, excellent customer service will be the hallmark of the Onboarding process. New hires are able to print their complimentary parking pass, set up their e-mail accounts and establish their Single Sign On accounts before arriving on campus.