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Making Ethical Decisions: Things to Ask Yourself

Before making a difficult decision, consider asking yourself the following questions to see if you are on ethical thin ice.

  • Does your decision conflict with any of the core ethical values?
  • Think of someone whose moral judgment you respect. What would that person do?
  • How will your decision affect others?
  • Ask yourself: Are my actions legal?
  • Are there regulations, rules, or policies that restrict your choices/ actions?
  • Would your decision be perceived as unethical?
  • How would your decision look if it were reported on the news or in another public forum?
  • What would a reasonable person do? How would they percieve your decision?
  • Would you be proud of your choice if your child were to find out? Would you want them to make the same choice?
  • Could you rationally and honestly defend your decision?
  • Will you sleep soundly tonight?
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