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Ethics Rollout Team

See a list of members who serve on UCSD's Ethics Rollout Team, a component of the University of California Ethics Program.

An Ethics Rollout Team at UCSD is charged with implementing the University of California Ethics Program.

The following team members represent their respective areas:

  • Grace Balch, Interim Director, Staff Education and Development, Human Resources
  • Doug Bennett, Assistant Deputy Director, Marine Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Gene Hasegawa, Assistant Dean for Administration, School of Medicine
  • Michael Kalichman, Director Research Ethics Program, OGS and Adjt Professor for Pathology
  • Don Larson, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller, Business and Financial Services
  • Debbie Rico, Assistant Controller, Assurance and Accountability, Business and Financial Systems
  • David Sakai, Chief Financial Officer, Health Sciences
  • Ed Spriggs, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Resource Administration, Student Affairs
  • Edward T. Yu, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering