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Administrative Responsibilities: Principles for Acquiring and Paying for Products and Services

Read about administrative officials' responsibilities for ensuring that purchase and subsequent payment of products and services comply with policy and approved methods, and meet business, agency, and legal requirements.


  • Avoid exposing the University to legal and financial risks by enforcing policies and procedures to ensure that all regulatory, agency, and accountability requirements are met in advance of an acquisition or commitment for products and services.
  • Allow for payment within the accepted terms and conditions by ensuring that unauthorized faculty and staff do not enter into unofficial commitments and do not execute informal contracts and agreements on behalf of the University.
  • Support established supplier and provider relationships so that products and services are acquired with favorable terms and conditions and the University receives the best value.


  • Purchases of products and services comply with published UCSD Buy & Pay policies to fulfill the requirements for competition, are negotiated according to the specific requirements for the commodity/service, satisfy contractual requirements for preapprovals and indemnification certification, and do not otherwise compromise the public trust.
  • Requests for payment of invoices and/or reimbursements are not submitted for processing and charges of expenditures to UCSD's procurement card, Express Card, are not made without meeting all requisite policy, approvals, and certification.
  • Transactions that are not in compliance with policy are dealt with to ensure that approvals and certifications are executed, even if this requires after-the-fact actions, and those responsible for unauthorized transactions receive proper training and are made aware of consequences.
    • After-the-fact procurement is not recommended because it can cause additional risk to the University by not having standard terms and conditions established upfront with the supplier. However Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions recognizes that there are situations where after-the-fact purchases occur. When this happens use the Goods or Services iRequest and select the option that indicates that goods and/or services have already been received.