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Buying a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Read the information on this page if you plan to buy a personal digital assistant.

Personal digital assistants, commonly called "handhelds" or "PDAs," range from simple digital daily planners that cost about $100, to handheld computers priced from $200 to $900, depending on specifications.

The most commonly used PDAs at UCSD are Palm and the PAQ series, but many other brands are also available.

The suppliers listed in the table below are among those who can provide you with information on PDAs. 


If you have questions, contact Bryan Hurley, (858) 534-1940.
Notice: UCSD Procurement & Contracts endorses all on-campus suppliers. Other suppliers listed on this page have reliably provided goods and services to UCSD in the past. However, UCSD Procurement & Contracts does not intend their inclusion to be an endorsement.