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Computer Hardware

Things to know when purchasing computer hardware.

Note: If you are purchasing an item that will become part of existing equipment, please see How to Add Accessories to Existing Equipment

1. Gather information and choose a supplier.

2. Get a quote from the supplier.

  • Contact the supplier and get a price quotation for the system you want to buy.
  • Be sure to request a printed copy of the quotation.

3. Choose the correct method for your purchase.

  • Use Oracle
  • Purchase by recharge from:
  • Use Procurement Card if:
    • You are authorized to use Express Card.
    • The cost is less than $4,999, including tax, shipping, and handling.
  • After the procurement specialist places your order, you will receive a copy of the Purchase Order.

4. If you purchased inventorial equipment, follow these steps.

Equipment Management creates and sends you UCID tags along with the Asset Locator report. When you receive these items:

  • Affix the tags to the front of the equipment.
  • Go to CAMS Web and update the equipment’s information.
For more information, contact Bryan Hurley, 534-1940.