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At Your Service: How to Update Your Security Preferences

Learn how to change your password or other security settings within At Your Service Online applications.

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1. Log in.

  • Go to At Your Service Online:
  • Enter your username. If you don't have a username or have forgotten it, enter your Social Security number.
  • Enter your password. If you don't have a password or have forgotten it, click Forgot Password.
Note: If you have a UC email address, the system will send you a temporary password. If you don't have an email address that the system recognizes, call the toll-free Customer Service number, (800) 888-8267, during business hours.

2. Go to the My Security Preferences option.

Click My Security Preferences under the "About you" heading, in the top left corner of your screen.

3. Make desired changes to your security preferences.

Click one of the selections on the left to:

  • Create a new username
  • Change your password
  • View your security word or create a new one

4. Log off.

To end the session, click Log Off, in the top right corner of your screen.

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