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Strategic Plan

Learn about the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA) at UC San Diego.

Reimagining a new operating model with an adaptive and integrated focus to transform our operations to enhance the customer experience.

3 pillars of strategic plan


Pillar 1: Right-Size the Organization

Increase the organization to its optimal size, and create an operating model that focuses on agility and resiliency – smaller highly-collaborative teams, and flexibility in schedules to adapt to the new normal for our campus.

Organizational Design Elements:

  • Appropriately sized teams
  • Improve OCGA/customer interaction
  • Expertise in Sponsor Categories/Agencies
  • Minimize touchpoints for customers
  • Flexibility to collaborate across teams
  • Align type of work with appropriate roles

Leads: Ross Dammann and Stella Sung


Pillar 2: Become a Digital and Analytical Organization

Leverage emerging technologies and advanced analytics to enable campus leaders to improve decision-making with the use of complete/accurate data, and improve our organization’s ability to manage growth and regulatory requirements

Digital Transformation Design Elements:

  • Harness the power of data and analytics

    • Increase data literacy

    • Establish better ability to blend data

    • Provide predictive modeling and measures aligned with strategic objectives

  • Enhance existing enterprise systems

    • Increase adoption of existing functionality (e.g. detailed budget and S2S)

    • Enhance technology integrations to address business gaps

  • Explore and invest in emerging technologies

    • Explore, pilot, and implement emerging technologies

Lead: Nicole Joyce

Pillar 3: Build Careers and Empower Staff

Providing employees the opportunity for professional growth and development through training and cross-functional experiences, anchored in equity, diversity and inclusion.

Empowering & Developing Staff Design Elements:

  • Collaboration and cross-functional learning

  • Career development opportunities

  • EDI practices embed throughout the organization

Leads: Lisa Meredith and Mike Kusiak

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