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Open Space Committee

Learn more about the Open Space Committee and its members.

Committee charge:

The Open Space Committee (OSC) is a subcommittee of the Campus/ Community Planning Committee that advises and provides recommendations about open space planning and landscape design. Open space planning includes the advocacy and oversight of all campus open spaces, including the UCSD Park area defined by the 1989 Master Plan Study (PDF).

In this capacity, the committee will guide efforts to ensure development of a holistic system of open space that is attractive, functional, sustainable, and provides a unifying foundation to the campus architecture and community. The Senior Landscape Planner in the Physical & Community Planning Office serves as an ex-officio Executive to the Committee.

The committee will perform these specific functions:

  1. Review, prioritize and advocate for open space projects as they pertain to the development and redevelopment of the campus. This includes specific review of the landscape design for all built projects as well as review of major landscape projects.
  2. Review with respect to long range open space planning issues and open space planning studies, including how planned open spaces can foster interconnections and help the campus meet sustainability goals.
  3. Review and update commemoratives policy and open space planning studies to maximize opportunities for outside contribution towards the installation and maintenance of campus landscape.

Summary notes of each meeting and a record of any Committee recommendations will be kept and distributed to all interested parties.

The Executive to the Committee performs these functions:

  1. Works closely with the co-chairs for all duties associated with Committee meetings, agendas and presentations; serves as the liaison for the Committee with other campus administrative areas, including the rotating chairs for the academic areas.
  2. Provides a point of contact for campus landscape projects and outside consultants to assist in meeting set campus open space planning goals.
  3. Coordinates comments to the C/CPC regarding landscape design associated with campus building projects and all projects in or adjacent to the Park.


  • Carnot, Co-Chair, Health Sciences
  • Hadley, Landscape Architectural Consultant
  • Henter, UC Natural Reserve System
  • Hughes, Student Affairs
  • KING, Campus Architect
  • McKinstry, Sustainability Resource Center
  • Morgan, Facilities Management
  • Stegman, Co-Chair, Committee on Campus and Community Environment
  • TBD, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • TBD, Graduate Student Representative