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Campus/ Community Planning Committee

Learn more about the Campus/ Community Planning Committee (C/CPC) and its members.

Committee Charge

The C/CPC counsels and advises the Chancellor regarding the physical development of the La Jolla campus, Elliott Field Station and the surrounding community. The membership comprises seven campus administrative and six faculty members, undergraduate and graduate student representatives and a representative from the Staff Association. The Director of Physical Planning serves as an ex-officio Executive to the Committee.

The committee will perform these specific functions:

  1. Review sites proposed by Building Advisory Committees or other committees for planned facilities, and advise the Chancellor in regard to conformance with approved plans and concepts;
  2. Review and advise the Chancellor with respect to long range physical planning issues and planning studies;
  3. Comment to the Design Review Board regarding designs of buildings and major landscape projects;
  4. Monitor developments in the surrounding community and evaluate potential impacts on the University to ensure that campus interests including nearby housing, retail services, open spaces and parks, pedestrian and vehicular access and mass transit needs, are adequately considered.

The Executive to the Committee performs these functions:

  1. Works closely with the co-chairs for all duties associated with Committee meetings, agendas and presentations;
  2. Serves as the liaison for the Committee with other campus administrative areas;
  3. With concurrence from the co-chairs, and discussion with the Campus Architect, approves those physical development action items involving temporary changes on the campus, in addition to minor permanent changes that do not involve the siting of new permanent facilities and structures.


  • M. Arrollado (alternate), Undergraduate Representative
  • A. Borsa (alternate), Academic Senate
  • T. Cameron, Co-Chair, Academic Affairs
  • K. Carnot, Health Sciences
  • F. Eld (alternate), Graduate Student Representative
  • R. Ferreira, Staff Association
  • L. Figueroa, Undergraduate Representative
  • T. Golan, Academic Senate
  • K. Hall , Marine Sciences
  • S. Hirakis, Graduate Student Representative
  • J. Hughes, Student Affairs
  • R. King, VC-CFO
  • S. Meng, Co-Chair, Academic Senate
  • K. Pezzoli, Academic Senate
  • M. Shaver, Advancement
  • F. Silva, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • C. Sprenger, Academic Senate
  • R. Steiger, Academic Senate
  • D. Traver (alternate), Academic Senate
  • J. Watson, Academic Senate
  • C. Winter, Resource Management & Plannin