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Radiation Safety Committee

Read the Charge to the Radiation Safety Committee and see a list of members.


The major responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Advising the Chancellor on all matters related to radiation safety
  • Reviewing and approving all proposed uses of ionizing radiation and radioisotopes
  • Providing advice and guidance in carrying out the campus Radiation Safety Program
  • Recommending and enforcing suitable controls

Read the complete committee charge. Ex-officio members are nonvoting unless otherwise indicated.

Ex officio Title
Belezzuoli, Ernest Chair, HERC and RDRC (voting)
Langford, Scott Alternate Radiation Safety Officer
Singleton, Corey Director, Environment, Health & Safety
Nelson, Thomas R. Chair, Medical Center RSC (voting)
TBD Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Vacant Medical Center, Director - Environment, Health & Safety
Appointed Title
Aguilera, Joseph Lab Manager
Boss, Gerry R. School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Dubowitz, David Radiology Faculty Representative
Einck, John School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Hall, David Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Kim, Grace Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Lu, Li-Fan Bio/Biological Sciences Faculty Representative
Middleton, Michael School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Niwa, Maho Bio/Biological Sciences Faculty Representative
Palenik, Brian P. SIO Faculty Representative
Papamatheakis, Demosthenes School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Pichika, Ramaiah Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Rice, Roger Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Roberts, Anne School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Scanderbeg, Daniel (Chair) Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Theilmann, Rebecca Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Thorson, John School of Medicine Faculty Representative
Vera, David Human sSubjects Exposure Expert*
Yen, Andrew Human Subjects Exposure Expert*
Vacant Lab Manager
Vacant Staff Representative

* Human subjects exposure experts are drawn from the following areas of expertise:

  • Nuclear medicine
  • Radiation therapy
  • Radiology
  • Radiation physics
  • Health physics
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Pediatric radiology

Four serve on the Human Exposure to Radiation Subcommittee, with each participating in 1 of 4 institutional review board committees. The remaining 4 serve as alternates.

Charge to committee:

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) advises the Chancellor of the university through the Vice Chancellor – Resource Management & Planning on all matters related to radiation safety and recommends such policies and procedures as it may deem appropriate to ensure an adequate radiation safety program.

The RSC consists of at least six members appointed by the Chancellor, and a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) experienced in the use of radioisotopes and in protection against ionizing radiation. Activities of the Committee are directed by its Chair. The Chair of the RSC shall be full time UCSD faculty Member. The Chair shall convene the Committee as often as is necessary to consider all aspects pertinent to radiation safety.

A quorum shall consist of the Chair of the committee (or his/her designee), the RSO, the executive management (or is/her alternate), a representative from each area of use from which specific issues will be discussed, and any other member whose field of expertise is necessary for the discussion is considered acceptable This quorum requirement is set by California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as part of its delegation of authority to UCSD to regulate its use of radioactive materials on campus (10 CFR 33.13). Committee business may be conducted via email ballot where members may vote to tentatively approve proposals, however, final approval voting is required to be conducted at the next RSC meeting to formalize any tentative actions.

The RSC has the ultimate responsibility for the use of radioactive material at UCSD and shall be the ultimate reviewing and authorizing agent for the use of all ionizing radiation. It shall set policy to be carried out by the Radiation Safety Officer. It shall receive and review all pertinent reports and records of the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Department, the subcommittee minutes, and shall keep and maintain a record of all its transactions and reports. The RSC shall consider the liabilities of the university in all activities involving radioisotopes.