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Research: Equipment Inventory

If you are a property administrator for your department, you can use this page to gain knowledge and skills to fulfill your job duties.

UCSD's Campus Asset Management System (CAMS)

Equipment at UCSD is managed through the Campus Asset Management System.  To learn more about CAMS, take advantage of these training opportunities:

UCSD has two types of equipment

  1. Inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and must be tracked as property through CAMS (Campus Asset Management System) and through UCSD’s financial system.
  2. Non-inventorial equipment has an acquisition cost of $1,500-$4,999 and must be tracked only through the financial system, or the elective module in CAMS.

For more information on inventorial equipment, see Equipment Management Basics.

Essential knowledge

How to acquire inventorial equipment

How to manage inventorial equipment

How to dispose of inventorial equipment

Resources that you may find helpful