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Invention Disclosure System

Learn about the electronic Invention Disclosure System, a secure online method for UCSD innovators to submit, manage, track, and update their invention disclosures.

The system is available at: https://edisclosure.ucsd.edu

What is the Invention Disclosure System?

The electronic Invention Disclosure System is the latest addition to the family of web portals for UCSD innovators. The electronic Invention Disclosure System provides secure, web-based versions of the invention disclosure paper forms, and enhances the current process by allowing UC San Diego innovators to collaborate with other innovators and OIC staff to report inventions online.

Disclosure workflow:

eDisclosure Workflow

What can UCSD inventors do with the system?

  • Create and submit online invention disclosures
  • Collaborate with co-inventors / co-authors online prior to submitting completed document
  • Get feedback and assistance from OIC staff during the disclosure process
  • Receive automatic email notifications when case numbers or Licensing Officers are assigned or when additional information is requested
  • Provide easy reporting of disclosure information such as by grant number, funding source and fiscal year
  • Upload related materials such as manuscripts or abstracts

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eDisclosure Quick Start Guide

1)    If you are off-campus, start Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client to secure your connection

2)    Go to: https://edisclosure.ucsd.edu

3)    Log on with your SSO Business Systems username and password

4)    Click Create Disclosure

5)   Question #1 - Click Invention Disclosure

  • At this time, eDisclosure only supports invention disclosures

6)   Questions #2 - Enter Disclosure Title

7)   Question #3 - Select UCSD Inventor

  • Note: An eDisclosure disclosure can be started on behalf of someone else, by selecting the inventor’s name here
  • See Proxy document for additional information

8)    Click Continue

9)    Provide responses to required fields (questions with red stars [*]) while collaborating with co-inventors

  • Navigate using the Back, Continue or Jump to drop down at the top of the screen

10)    Submit Disclosure to OIC

  • Note, for policy purposes only the Inventor listed on Question #3 can submit the disclosure to OIC

11)   Next Steps

  • Email notifications will automatically be sent to the inventors when:
    • Case number is assigned
    • An Licensing Officer has been assigned
    • Additional Clarifications are requested by OIC

12)   Print & Sign

  • After the disclosure has reached the final state, print and sign the disclosure, and send a copy (a scanned PDF will suffice) to OIC
  • Wet ink signatures are required for the disclosures

VPN Required to Access eDisclosure

Steps to access the system from off campus:

1)    Start Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

2)    Go to: https://edisclosure.ucsd.edu

3)    Enter your SSO Business Systems username and password

Disclosure information is protected using UCSD’s VPN system. If access is attempted off-campus without VPN, the link to eDisclosure will throw an access error. Trying to access without eDisclosure VPN to the user will look like the site is down or that the user doesn’t have access. VPN with the ‘allthruucsd’ is necessary.

VPN instructions

eDisclosure Proxy

The system allows inventors to name a proxy user (someone other than the UCSD Inventor) to start a disclosure on their behalf.

Proxy Use Case Example

Lead UCSD inventor: Dr. Rebecca Smith
Graduate student: Bob Brown

1)    Bob Brown logs into eDisclosure

2)    Bob clicks on Create Disclosure

3)    Bob, the graduate student, adds Dr. Rebecca Smith as the UCSD Inventor on Question #3

4)    Bob is now the Coordinator for Dr. Rebecca Smith team’s eDisclosure. Dr. Smith, Bob or co-inventors can log into eDisclosure and collaboratively update the eDisclosure

5)    When the Disclosure is ready, Dr. Rebecca Smith logs in and clicks to Submit Disclosure to send the Disclosure to OIC. Please note that Dr. Rebecca Smith is required to submit the Disclosure.

6)    The Disclosure is available for changes by the disclosure project team after it is sent to OIC

Updating Personal Information on eDisclosure

1)    Log into eDisclosure: https://edisclosure.ucsd.edu/ (connect through VPN if you are off campus)

2)    Login with your Single Sign-On (SSO) username and password

3)    To go to your personal profile, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, to the left of My Inbox (see box below)

4) The Inventor View will appear

5) Inventor View enables updates to:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country of Citizenship/Nationality

  • School (Question #10)
  • Department  (Question #10)
  • Division  (Question #10)

    • Note: For a faster way to search, start typing the person’s Last or First name or the Organization’s name in the field. The system will automatically retrieve a list, then click the desired option.

Home and Business Address Updates

1)    The Detail view is for updating Home and Business addresses, phone numbers and emails

2)    Detail View enables updates to Home and Business Addresses, Phone numbers and preferred email


eDisclosure FAQ

  • What is the link to use the system?
  • When did the system go-live?
    • The week of June 15-19, 2015
  • How do I logon?
    • Use your Single Sign-On (SSO) Business Systems account to login
  • What if my SSO login doesn’t work?
  • How do I collaborate with other inventors on my disclosures?
    • Adding UC Co-Innovators on the Basic Information page will make the disclosure accessible those inventors, and those inventors only
  • What is the “Primary Innovator”
    • The Primary Innovator is the main point of contact OIC will go to if there any questions about the disclosure or its contents. Questions can be posed to the entire disclosure team through the disclosure system
  • Can UCSD staff member or inventor start a disclosure on my behalf?
    • Yes. For example, if a lab manager or graduate student wants to start a disclosure for someone else, they login into the system and select the Primary Innovator as someone else. For example, Lab Manager John Doe creates a disclosure, and then selects Dr. Jane Smith as the Primary Inventor instead of John Doe
  • What is required to submit a disclosure to OIC?
    • All required fields on the disclosure must have a response before the disclosure can be Submitted.
  • Can a disclosure be cloned or copied to speed up the process?
    • Yes, using the Copy function on the lefthand navigation bar of a previously created disclosure, a new disclosure can be created with all of the previously entered information.
  • Where would I find the history of my disclosure?
    • On the disclosure main page. Click on the disclosure and the main body of the page will contain the disclosure history.
  • Can the disclosure system track the version of the disclosure?
    • Yes, the system automatically tracks every change, date and which person made those changes. Using the View Differences function on the left –hand navigation bar, versions of the disclosure can be compared.
  • Can I withdraw or recall a disclosure after it has been submitted?
    • Yes, a disclosure can be withdrawn after being submitted to OIC by clicking the Withdraw link on the lefthand navigation bar.
  • Who can see my disclosure?
    • Only those innovators, co-innovators, non-UC innovators listed on the disclosure can see the disclosure and OIC can see the disclosure
  • One of the inventors on my disclosure team has a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) older than November 2012, how do I log it into the system?
    • MTA’s submitted prior to the usage of the eMTA system can be manually entered.
  • Where do marketing keywords go?
    • Marketing keywords are entered on the Marketing information page
  • How do I provide information about companies interested in my invention?
    • Existing interested companies and contacts can be searched and entered on the Marketing Information page. Those companies and contacts not already in the system can be manually entered.
  • Where do contractors or non-UCSD personnel get entered into the system?
    • Contractors and non-UCSD inventors are entered in the non-UCSD Inventor or non-UCSD author page.
  • How do I attach a document, note, spreadsheet or notebook?
    • The ability to attach documents exist throughout the form. Or attachment s can be added to disclosures on the Disclosure Documents page.
  • Who do I contact about eDisclosure?
  • How do I compare different versions of my disclosure?
    • View Differences on the left-hand navigation allows the comparison of disclosures from the very first version to the current version
  • How do I respond to clarifications requested about my disclosure?
    • Request for clarification will come as questions in the disclosure history. Clarifications can be entered directly into section in question or by adding notes at the top of the page in the Reviewer Notes section
  • How do I add my cell number to receive text updates?
    • To receive text messages, use the Personal Settings tab at the top of the screen. Select Yes, enter your cell number and click Apply
  • How do I opt out of receiving text messages?
    • To opt-out of receiving text messages, use the Personal Settings tab at the top of the screen. Select No, click Apply.
  • What does Pre-Submission mean?

    • Pre-Submission is the first state of the copyright or invention disclosure. During the Pre-Submission state the disclosure team (Primary, UC and Non-Affiliated collaborators) can modify the disclosure before it is sent to the Office of Innovation & Commercialization (OIC). This is the “draft” mode of the eDisclosure. Creating an invention or copyright disclosure automatically places the disclosure in the Pre-Submission workflow state.
  • What does Submitted mean?

    • Submitted is the second state of the copyright or invention disclosure. Email notifications will automatically be sent to the Primary and UCSD inventors. The Submitted indicates a disclosure that has been sent electronically to OIC.
  • What does Case Number Assigned mean?

    • Case Number Assigned is the third state of the copyright or invention disclosure. In the Case Number Assigned, the disclosure is awaiting Case Number assignment by OIC. Case numbers take the format: YYYY-NNN. For example: ‘2015-123’. Case numbers are assigned by the Disclosure group within OIC.
  • What does LO Assigned mean?

    • LO Assigned is the fourth state of the copyright or invention disclosure. LO Assign indicates Licensing Officer (LO) has been assigned to the copyright or invention disclosure.
  • What does OIC Review mean?

    • OIC Review is the fifth state of the copyright and invention disclosure. OIC Review indicates the disclosure in under review within OIC. Usually this review is by the Licensing Officer (LO) assigned in the previous LO Assigned workflow state.
  • What does Clarifications requested mean?

    • Clarifications Requested is the sixth state of the copyright and invention disclosure. Clarifications Requested indicates additional clarifications have been requested by OIC. For example: there could be questions regarding the invention’s timeline.
  • What does Disclosure Input Complete mean?
    • Disclosure Input Complete is the seventh and final state of the copyright and invention disclosure. Disclosure Input Complete indicates all required information for the disclosure has been received for the disclosure.
  • Where does information about Sponsor get entered?
    • Sponsor information is entered in the Funding Source and Material Information view
  • Are physical signatures still required for the disclosure?
    • Yes, physical signatures are required after the Disclosure Input Complete stage. Then a single copy of the disclosure should be copied and signed and dated by each inventor listed, along with a witness. This signed disclosure can then be scanned and sent to OIC or the physical copy can be dropped off at the office.
  • How do I send the signed disclosure to OIC?
    • Scanning and sending the signed disclosure as PDF
    • Send or drop off the physical copy of the disclosure
  • Where will the wet-ink signature reside?
    • The wet-ink signature copies of the disclosure will be stored on the Disclosure Documents page under, “Wet-Ink Signature”
  • Is VPN required to access the system?
    • Yes, if you are trying to access to the system from off campus you must use UCSD's VPN system. Once a VPN connection has been established, users must authenticate via UCSD Single Sign-On (SSO)

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