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Transaction Sampling: How to Generate Management Reports

Find out how to produce management reports for transaction sampling.

Note: You can also produce management reports using queries.

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1. Go to the Sampling Management Report in FinancialLink.

  • Go to FinancialLink.
  • Select Tools from the left-hand sidebar.
  • In the "Reconciliation" section, select Transaction Sampling.
  • Select Sampling Management Report.

You must have a Business Systems account and be authorized to use FinancialLink. If you need authorization, see How to Get Access to UCSD Business Systems.

2. Select report options.

  • Choose a report summary type. Your choices are:
    • Summary by Counts (default)
    • Summary by Dollars
  • Choose an accounting period. Use the drop-down arrows to select a beginning and ending date.
  • Enter the financial criteria. You can run the report by:
    • Organization code
    • Profile name
    • Project code

3. Generate and view the report.

4. Run the report with more detail, if needed.

  • After running the initial report, you can run it again with more detail. Use the back button on your browser to return to the initial screen and then click the checkboxes to classify the report by status code. Your choices include:
    • Show Status Code Counts by Account Code
    • Show Status Code Counts by Rule Class
    • Show Status Code Counts by Index Number

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