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Learn about MyJournals

Journals are used to process authorized accounting entries, allocations and corrections for which other means of entry into the financial system are not available, refer to #5 on the document: How to Correct a Deficit Balance (PDF).

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1. Access MyJournals from the FinancialLink home page

2. MyJournals Home Page

The Home page is divided into 3 sections:

  • Notes - this section provides information to the user. The text may change to inform users of upcoming enhancements, changes to the application or announcements.  The link to the acceptable format (excel) for uploading the journal details is included here.  Retain the header row as is - review the guide for tips on how to populate the spreadsheet.
  • Inbox - this section will display all pending journals that are associated with the user whose business id is displayed in the User ID field
  • Available Actions - contains links the user activites available within the MyJournals
    • Create a new journal voucher - click this link to create the electronic journal, either manually or by uploading an Excel matching the template provided (uploading a file is the recommended option)
    • Search for a journal voucher - expansive search functionality to view pending and posted journals
    • Change email defaults - customize your email preferences for journals where you are listed as a primary or alternate on the Creator's approval hierarchy and journal template

3. Detailed Reference Guide

MyJournals Home Page Reference Guide describes the streamlined and effective use of creating a MyJournal document and provides tips to maximizing the efficiencies built into the application.

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