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How to Correct Journals Without Index Numbers

Find out how to correct financial and budget adjustment journals without index numbers in IFIS.


Departments can prepare financial and budget adjustment journals to correct transactions with blank index numbers. This capability has been added so you can obtain complete data in FinancialLink reports when querying only by index number. Only use these journals to clear blank transactions. The journal creates new blank transactions if none previously existed.

Making corrections

These journals are "one-sided" entries, so when you prepare the journal, you only enter the side that includes the index. The rule class automatically generates the reversal entry to the blank index number.

  • Example: You have a debit of $200.00 posted to fund/org/prog/account 19900A/416219A/440000/63800. Modify this entry by entering the correct transaction:

    CHO8787-19900A-416219-63800-440000 200.00 D

The entry without the index number automatically reverses.

Note: The debits and credits displayed at the bottom of the journal screen don't need to balance since the offset generates when posting completes. Therefore, the amount reflected in the DOC TOTAL field on the JVOUCHER screen equals the amount entered ($200.00 in this case). Also, the JVACTY screen and the journal print report won't display the offset since it doesn't exist until the journal is posted.

You don't need to send journal prints to General Accounting.

Getting set up

To access IFIS and financial/ budget adjustment journals, you must:

The DSA needs to specify the following:

Document type Document number* Template Journal type
Financial journal Fwiiinnn GEN FW54
Budget adjustment journal Bwiiinnn GEN BW13

*Document number "iii" = department index prefix and "nnn" = sequential number assigned by the department.


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