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Encumbrance Lifter Help: Query Results

Find information about the Encumbrance Lifter Query Results screen.

Report Heading

The Encumbrance Lifter Query Results are displayed as a FinancialLink report, containing the following information in the report heading:

  • Where Do You Want To Go? If you have run this report in error, you can immediately link to another report. Click the down arrow to view the available reports, and make your selection. Then click Go to proceed to the new report.
  • Financial Information: The index, fund, organization, and program you selected are displayed near the top of the page, with their descriptions.

Selecting Encumbrances to Lift

  • Select All Encumbrances: Use this check box if all of the encumbrances on this report should be lifted or modified. Click this button, and all the encumbrances will be checked. This button acts as a "toggle" switch, so you can click on it again to remove all the checks.
  • Check Boxes: Select the encumbrances to lift by clicking the box next to the encumbrance. To de-select an encumbrance, click the box again.
  • Report column headings: Most of the column headings can be used to change the sort order of the report. If the column heading is blue and underlined, click the heading to sort by that field.


Your query results page will have two buttons, Create Journal and Cancel. These buttons are at the top and bottom of the screen. You can use either set of buttons. You can also send an e-mail from this screen.

  • Use the Create Journal button after you have selected all the appropriate encumbrances. You will proceed to the Encumbrance Lifter Journal Preparation screen.
  • Use the Cancel button if you want to return to the Encumbrance Lifter Query Form. Any checks in the check boxes will be lost.
  • Use the Email a link to this page link to create an e-mail message. A new window will pop up, with the link to this page in the message body. Enter the "To:" e-mail address, add any further information to the message body, and click the Submit Form button to send the message.