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Encumbrance Lifter

Learn about the online process to lift encumbrances.

The encumbrance lifter is a journal process designed to remove or reduce encumbrances, alsoreferred to as liens, from the encumbrance ledger.

Advantages of the encumbrance lifter include:

  • Easy selection of encumbrances to be lifted or reduced
  • Automatic creation of Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS) transactions
  • Less key entry (due to automatic data updates)

With the encumbrance lifter, you can:

  • Use the query tool to find and filter encumbrances.
  • Remove or reduce the encumbrance balance from the encumbrance ledger.
  • Automatically create a journal voucher based on the selections you made.

The encumbrance lifter does NOT prevent future payments on received invoices or preauthorized travel. It also doesn't allowyou to increase or transfer an encumbrance.

Learn How to Use the Encumbrance Lifter.

Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/encumbrancelifter