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Encumbrance Lifter Help: Query Form

Find out how to use each of the Encumbrance Lifter Query Form selection fields.

Where Do You Want To Go?

If you have run this report in error, you can immediately link to another report. Click the down arrow to view the available reports, and make your selection. Then click Go to proceed to the new report.

Selection Options

To select which encumbrances to view, enter the appropriate financial information in the following selection fields:

  • Index: Enter an index number to view all encumbrances for that index. If you enter an index, you do not need to enter a fund or organization code.
  • Fund: Enter a fund number if you need to view encumbrances for an entire fund. This field is usually used only with the organization code, or if the fund is unique to your organization.
  • Org: The organization code is usually used with a fund number.
  • Program: This field is optional, and is usually used in conjunction with a fund and organization code.
  • Doc. No.: If you know the exact document number, such as a purchase order number or travel event number, you can enter it in this field.
  • Account: You can enter a full account code (638000), multiple account codes separated by commas (638018, 638020), partial account codes (638), ranges of account codes (637000-637999), or any combination of these methods.


When selecting a large group of encumbrances, you can filter the results to narrow your search.

  • Use the Balance Amount fields to select those encumbrances within certain dollar ranges. Click the down arrow to choose one of the following:
    • Select Equals if you know the exact amount of the encumbrance.
    • Select Less Than to search for all encumbrances that are less than a specified amount.
    • Select Greater Than to search for all encumbrances that are greater than a specified amount.
    • Select Less Than or Equal To to search for all encumbrances that match, or are less than a specified amount.
    • Select Greater Than or Equal To to search for all encumbrances that match, or are greater than a specified amount.
    If you use one of these selections, be sure to enter a dollar amount in the field next to your selection.
  • Encumbrance Age: Click the down arrow to select only those encumbrances that were added to your ledger at a point in the past. Your options are:
    • Greater than 60 days
    • Greater than 120 days
    • Greater than 180 days
    • Greater than 240 days
    If you do not make a selection, your report will display all encumbrances, regardless of age.

Sort Options

Your query results can be sorted by different fields. Click the down arrow to make a selection. Your options are:

  • Index-Date-Account: This is the default sort option.
  • Description: Use this option to see encumbrances sorted by alphabetical order based on the Description field.
  • Account-Date: Use this option if you have selected a range of account codes, or if you would like to view the encumbrances grouped by account.


  • When you have entered your selections, use the Submit button to transmit your request. You will proceed to the Encumbrance Lifter Query Results screen.
  • Use the Reset button to return all the selection fields, filters, and sort options to their default values.
  • Use the Find IFOP button if you know an index number, but you would like to view encumbrances for the entire fund. Clicking this button will take you to the Find IFOP application. Follow these simple steps:
    • Enter your index number in the Index: field. You can enter a partial index, but be sure to enter at least the first three characters of your department.
    • Click the Find IFOP button.
    • When the page refreshes, it will display the fund, organization, and program for the requested index. If you entered a partial index, you will see a list of possible matches. Select the correct index, fund, organization combination and click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page. You will return to the Encumbrance Lifter Query Form, and the appropriate fields will be filled with your selected information.