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Encumbrance Lifter Help: Journal Preparation

Find information about the Encumbrance Lifter Journal Preparation screen.

The Encumbrance Lifter process creates a journal voucher that is processed in IFIS to remove the encumbrance. This screen displays the data as it will be transferred to IFIS, and allows you to edit some of the fields to add additional information.

Where Do You Want To Go?

If you have run this report in error, you can immediately link to another report. Click the down arrow to view the available reports, and make your selection. Then click Go to proceed to the new report.

Journal Header Information

The top portion of the screen contains automated journal header information.

  • Effective Date: At the beginning of each month, just before the ledger is closed for the previous month, two ledger periods are open at the same time. If this is the case, this section will contain a drop-down box so you can select the appropriate transaction period. If you don't select a period, your transactions will be processed in the current month.
  • Document Total: The sum of your selected encumbrances is displayed in this box. If you change the amount of any encumbrance, it will be automatically reflected in this total.
  • Created by: This field displays the User ID and name of the person creating this encumbrance lifter journal.

Document Text

  • This field automatically contains the text "Liquidate Encumbrances" and the User ID and name of the person creating this encumbrance lifter journal.
  • You should add your reason or explanation for why this encumbrance is being lifted to this field.

Report Columns

For your reference, this section shows the accounting information for each encumbrance. You will see the:

  • Index
  • Account code
  • Document type
  • Document reference number
  • Description
  • Encumbrance balance (the amount currently existing in the encumbrance)
  • Encumbrance Reduction Amount: This is the only field that can be changed. If you want to partially reduce the encumbrance, enter the new amount in this field.

Note: You cannot remove more than the existing encumbrance. In addition, you cannot increase an encumbrance with this process. See Encumbrance Lifter Overview for more information.


You will find two buttons below the list of encumbrances:

  • Use the Submit Journal Voucher button to complete and approve the Encumbrance Lifter journal. Your journal will be transmitted to IFIS, and you will proceed to the Encumbrance Lifter Confirmation page.
  • Use the Cancel button if you do not want to process this Encumbrance Lifter journal. You will return to the Encumbrance Lifter Query page.