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Encumbrance Lifter Help: Confirmation

Find information on the Encumbrance Lifter Confirmation screen.

Follow these directions to confirm that your Encumbrance Lifter journal has been created and transmitted to IFIS. You can use your browser's print button if you need a printed copy of this Encumbrance Lifter journal.

Header Information

  • Where Do You Want To Go? If you have run this report in error, you can immediately link to another report. Click the down arrow to view the available reports, and make your selection. Then click Go to proceed to the new report.
  • Near the top of the screen, you will see the status for this document in IFIS. One of 2 possible messages will display:
    • DOCUMENT APPROVED indicates that you are the final approver. No further changes can be made to this journal.
    • DOCUMENT APRVD FOR CURRENT LVL indicates that others must approve this journal before it will be final.
  • Below Encumbrance Lifter Confirmation, you will find your document number, the date the document was created, the total dollar amount, and the approval template that was used to create this document.

Template and Approval Information

This area contains a display of your approval hierarchy and the current state of the encumbrance lifter journal. If there are multiple approvers, you'll see the message "Awaiting Approval" or "Approved" next to the approver's name. See How to Approve an Existing Journal for more information.

Document details

This section of the page contains all the details of your Encumbrance Lifter journal, as you created it, including:

  • Document Text
  • Financial data


Use the E-mail a link to this page option to notify your financial manager or the final approver that this document is ready for their approval. A new window will pop up, with the link to this page in the message body. Enter the "To:" e-mail address, add any further information to the message body, and click the Submit Form button to send the message.