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Federal Research Fund Program Codes

Learn about 77 or 78 Program Codes on Federal Research Funds

Program Basics

The 77xxxx and 78xxxx programs are not intended to be used to pay students for employment. Both programs are designed to pay for scholarships, fellowships and traineeships. These student aid payments may be given as part of a student’s training and/ or to free the student to pursue their academic endeavors. Payment categories include stipends, tuition and/or fees. 

Research Grants

Research grants may not be direct-charged for stand-alone stipend, tuition and/ or fee payments according to Uniform Guidance, or 2 CFR 200.

OPAFS will not establish an index with a 77xxxx or 78xxxx program code on a research grant unless the award provision specifically allows for training or other student aid support.

Awards that specifically allow for training and other student aid support include:

  • NIH Institutional Training Grant (T32)
  • NIH Individual Fellowship Grant (F30-F32)
  • NSF REU/RET awards