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Legacy Index Overview

An index is a 7-character code used to enter a transaction into IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System).

An index is a 7-character code used to indicate a specific combination of Fund, Organization, and Program codes (FOP). An index is required when entering any transaction into IFIS. The first 3 characters of an index are your department prefix.

Master indexes

The first index that points to a specific FOP and index prefix (first 3 characters) is a master index. Once a sub-index with the same combination is created, both are considered subindexes and the concept of a master index, for that combination, is no longer valid.

NO new indexes are being created in IFIS during the final stage of transition to Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC)

  • If you receive a new sponsored project fund, contact the awards accountant in the Office of Post Award Financial Services (OPAFS).
  • If you will receive non-sponsored project funds (such as 19900A general fund or 07427A opportunity fund) in a FOP that has not been used before, you may submit an inquiry in the Support portal to Financial Accounting on how to handle this during this final transition stage.

Multiple indexes

You can have more than one index pointing to the same FOP. This way, you can keep track of expenditures for different activities, even if they are on the same FOP.  Requests for multiple indexes are not being process as it becomes increasingly important for us to manage and stabilize changes to our financial data in IFIS, our legacy financial system

Inactivating an index

This option is no longer available due to fiscal closing and the transition to OFC.

Early index inactivation

This option is no longer available due to fiscal closing and the transition to OFC.

Budget indexes

If your department receives a permanent budget allocation (e.g., for 19900A general funds or 07427A opportunity funds), the allocation will be received at the beginning of the fiscal year on what is called a budget index. This index is also called the BD index, as the fourth and fifth characters in these indexes are B and D. Each FOP can have only one budget index. New indexes are not being processed due to the transition to Oracle.

Index title

No edits to indexes are being processed in IFIS.

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