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How to Set Up, Change, or Remove an Early Index Inactivation Date

The ability to add/edit/remove the Index early inactivation date in IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System) has been disabled permanently due to the transition to Oracle Financial Cloud.

When an index needs to be active for existing transactions such as payroll or invoice payments, but you want to prevent new transactions on that index, you used to be able to set up an early index inactivation date. Early index inactivation will block new payroll distributions from being established in the payroll system, new purchase orders, new travel transactions, and batch recharges on the index, but will not prevent existing payroll, Invoices on existing purchase orders on the index from being paid.  Also it will allow Journal adjustment (BAJ, ENPET, ENC, ETC).  

Note: You must have a Business Systems account and authorization to access FinancialLink.

This option/tool is no longer available!

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