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Forms for Travel and Entertainment

Find forms below for travel, entertainment, UC San Diego Travel & Entertainment Card, foreign guests, moves and transfers, and drafts and wires.

Please read the full Personal Notification Statement before completing the forms listed below. It explains why the information requested must be provided. Unfortunately, if the material you provide isn't correct or complete, the requested action may not be processed.

Use these links to find forms for a specific topic:

Travel form or process Action
Private Automobile Mileage
(Online process)

Complete a request for mileage reimbursement online using Concur.

Travel expense reporting

Report travel expenses online using Concur.

Travel Notification and Request for Advance
(Online process)

Complete these transactions online using Concur features:

Meetings and Entertainment form or process Action

Request a payment or reimbursement
(Online process)

Complete requests for payments and reimbursements online using Concur.
Approval Authority for University Entertainment
Establish authority for Approving Entertainment and provide a signature file for UC San Diego Travel.
UCSD Travel Card form Action
UC San Diego Travel Card Application (PDF) Apply for a UC San Diego Travel & Entertainment Card (for employees only).
Foreign guests form Action
Certification of Academic Activity for Travel Expense Reimbursement or Honorarium Payment

Complete for foreign guests traveling on B-1, B-2, WB, or WT status when honorarium payment is being requested.

Complete for foreign guests traveling on B-2 and WT status when only reimbursement for travel and incidental expenses is being requested.

Complete this form:

  • In advance of travel if UC San Diego is providing the traveler with a cash advance, prepaying hotel deposits or registration fees, or paying for airfare.
  • After the trip is completed, if there are no advances or prepayments and the traveler is requesting reimbursement for expenses. Submit to UC San Diego Travel along with the completed travel expense voucher.
Moves and transfers form Action
Academic Appointees Move Loan Fund

Complete, attach to expense voucher, and submit to Academic Personnel.

Reimbursement Authorization (Academic Employees)
Complete and submit to designated vice chancellor.
Reimbursement Authorization (Staff Employees)
Complete and submit to designated vice chancellor.
Wires form Action
Wire in US Dollars
See Requesting a Wire in US Dollars
Wire in Foreign Currency
See Requesting a Wire in Foreign Currency
Department requirements Action
Customizable Essentials
Business offices can use this form to communicate their department's specific travel requirements beyond UC San Diego's travel policy.
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.
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