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Outgoing Multi-Campus Awards

Find information about Outgoing Multiple Campus Awards and how they are processed at UCSD.


Multiple Campus Awards (MCAs) are awards where one UC campus or federal lab performs a portion of the programmatic work of a sponsored project awarded to another UC campus. The UC campus that receives the original award is the “prime campus” while a UC campus that performs the portion of the work is considered a “participating UC campus.” MCAs are not considered subagreements, as defined in 2 CFR § 200.93, because the ten UC campuses and ANR constitute one legal entity, “The Regents of the University of California.” Therefore, it is not appropriate for the campus receiving the prime award to recover IDC on the first $25,000 of an MCA as it is an internal and not a third party transaction.  

UC Policy

Per UC Policy 8-330 Applicable Rates for Multiple Campus Awards, UCSD does not assess IDC on MCAs issued to another UC campuses regardless of the IDC base. Each participating UC campus, is entitled to recover indirect costs based upon the indirect cost rate applicable to the prime award for the direct charges done on that campus, based on that campus’s federal rate agreement. A campus may not limit the opportunity of another campus to recover indirect costs on Multiple Campus Awards (MCAs). For MCAs, campuses should coordinate at time of proposal submission to determine how indirect cost recovery will be implemented. 

Kuali Research (KR)

Outgoing MCA's are processed in the Kuali Research (KR) Subaward module. Go to Requesting MCAs  for details about using KR Subaward to request Outgoing MCAs. 

At the Time of Proposal

Submit the following documents to your C&G Officer.

1. Statement of Work: Describe what the receiving campus will do during a specific duration defined by the awarded project.

2. Itemized Budget & Justification

1. UC campus/Lab budget: Provide a detailed budget and justification for the work that the receiving UC campus will perform. The receiving UC campus budget shall include their approved/applicable IDC rate and fringe benefit rates, in addition to all direct costs.

3. UCSD Budget: UCSD’s budget shall include all costs associated with the proposed scope of work, including the approved/applicable IDC. Unless otherwise instructed by the sponsor, the entirety of the receiving UC campus budget should be included as part of UCSD’s direct costs. Per UC policy, UCSD

does not assess the campus IDC on MCAs issued to awards to another UC campus regardless of the IDC base. MCA Commitment Form (PDF) from the recipient campus.

At the Time of Award

To initiate an Outgoing MCA, use the Outgoing Multi-Campus Award Request Form (eForm) and include all required attachments: 

  1. Notice of Award (NOA), contract or agreement provided to UCSD.
  2. Itemized budget and justification: This should have been included in the original proposal. If not, request this from the recipient UC campus. 
  3. Statement of Work: This should be included in the original proposal. If not, request this from the recipient UC campus. 
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