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Outgoing Multi-Campus Award Requests

Learn about requesting Outgoing Multi-Campus Awards (MCAs).

Kuali Research Subawards is live as of July 6, 2020! Please remember to label your Multiple Campus Awards in the description of your Kuali Research subaward record. 

Outgoing MCA's are processed in the KR Subaward module as of Monday, July 6, 2020. For more information, go to the Kuali Research Blink page. 

KR Subaward Record

For MCAs, required information will be slighly different than Outgoing Subawards to other entities.

Subawards tab

  • Description: Enter "Initial Multi Campus Award" or "Initial MCA"
  • F&A Rate: Enter "0"
  • Supplier Site ID: Enter "INTERCAMPUS" for all MCAs (Oracle Supplier Report is not needed for MCAs)

Check back for updated information!

For more information, contact