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Transaction Sampling Overview

Learn about the transaction sampling process.

The Pilot Workload Reduction Project (PWRuP) developed transaction sampling to dramatically reduce employees' workload as well as the level of compliance risk at UCSD. You can read details on theproject background.

Transaction sampling

Transaction sampling is a process managed by the Controller's Office that randomly selects financial transactions to be reviewed during the ledger reconciliation and account validation process. Errors are noted, identified by error type, and corrected. This process can reduce your workload if you currently practice 100% reconciliation. Past participants experienced an average of 64% savings in workload.

The sample in this process consists of transactions less than $2,500 in the following accounts:

  • Supplies and expenses
  • Travel
  • Equipment

All financial transactions greater than $2,500 in the above accounts are selected for your review.

Advantages of transaction sampling

  • It allows you to focus on high-risk transactions. The time previously spent reviewing transactions with traditionally few errors and minimal associated risk can now be redirected to the riskiest areas.
  • It provides a sound and defensible reconciliation process. The monthly management report tracks errors that can be reviewed to improve your department's front-end controls.

More information

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