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Transaction Sampling: How to Begin the Sampling Process

Follow the steps below to participate in the transaction sampling process.

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1. Read the background information on transaction sampling.

2. Take the training.

  • Take the FinancialLink Transaction Sampling web-based training, offered through UC Learning.

3. Set up a group identifier.

  • Meet with your Department Security Administrator (DSA). Your DSA can set up a group identifier that:
    • Provides security access to the Ledger Reviewer
    • Uses your user ID and department prefix as its first 3 characters
    • May have several user IDs associated with it so those users can change the status of a transaction after it has been reviewed

4. Enter your group identifier.

  • Go to FinancialLink.
  • Click Tools.
  • Click Transaction Sampling.
  • Log in using your IFIS or Darwin user ID and password.
  • Click Ledger Reviewer.
  • Enter your group identifier. (Remember, the identifier is case-sensitive.)

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