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MyFunds: Create a Report Profile for a Principal Investigator or Report Recipient

Fund managers, find out how to create a report profile for a specific principal investigator (PI) in MyFunds.

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1. Create a new profile in MyFunds.

  • Go to MyFunds (login required).
  • Select Manage My Report Profiles.
  • Select Create New Profile.

2. Select the PI.

  • Click the name of the PI.

Note: Only PIs assigned to projects for which you are the fund manager will show up on this list.

3. Select projects to report on.

  • Select the projects you want to include from the list. (Use the ctrl key to select non-adjacent projects.)
  • Click Choose Selected Projects to continue.

Note: Only projects for which you are the fund manager and that belong to the selected PI appear on this list.

4. Define the report profile options.

  • Profile Name: Enter a profile name. This will be the title of the report.
  • Report Time Frame: Choose a time frame for the report profile.
  • Report View: Choose a view to define how data is displayed and summarized.
  • Report Options: Click the check boxes to select report options that change what data is displayed on the report.
  • Report Notes: Enter a profile note. This will show at the top of the report. (This step is optional.)

5. Preview and save the report.

  • Click Preview Report to see what the report will look like.
  • Click Save Current Settings to save the report profile.
  • A confirmation screen appears.
    • Click Previous to make changes to this report.
    • Click Edit Another Profile to return to the profile selection screen.

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