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Administrative Responsibilities: Informal Conflict Resolution

Read about administrative officials' responsibilities in the area of informal conflict resolution.

Informal conflict resolution

UCSD is committed to a conflict resolution process that is safe, fair, efficient, neutral, and free from reprisal.


  • Conflicts, if managed effectively and expeditiously, may produce benefits and positive results.
  • Early recognition of conflict is critical.
  • Compromise and collaboration are promoted. /li>
  • Creative solutions to problems are encouraged.
  • Open communication is facilitated.
  • Outcomes should be mutually beneficial.


  • Encourage employees to seek solutions within the department. It is both the right and the responsibility of individuals involved in a conflict situation to attempt to resolve conflict on an informal basis.
  • Focus on the real issues and concentrate on a win-win resolution.
  • Other options: If the employee feels uncomfortable about raising the issue within the department, he/ she may seek assistance from Academic Affairs, Employee Relations, Ombuds Office, and/ or other applicable employee support services.