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Legacy Organization Codes

Learn about the legacy organization code, which classifies organizations in IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System).

The organization code is a six-digit code used in IFIS to identify departments or functional units within a department. Individual departments may have more than one organization code, depending on the functions performed by the department.

The code is also one of the seven elements of the Chart of Accounts, the organized structure used to record and report all University financial transactions. The elements together are referred to as IFOAPAL.

Find your organization codes

To find any organization code, you can:

New codes

New organization codes are established when a new department is created or when an existing department begins performing a new function. They are also established to reflect new or restructured cost centers in administrative or service departments. Request a new organization code (AD login is required ).

12 functions

The first two digits of the organization code identify one of UC San Diego's 12 functions. Each department has a separate organization code for each of these functions performed:

Code Function
41xxxx Core (instruction, research, public service)
42xxxx Teaching hospital
43xxxx Academic support (academic department administration)
60xxxx Library
61xxxx Instruction, Extension
64xxxx Operation and maintenance of plant (OMP)
66xxxx Institutional support (campus-wide administration and support)
68xxxx Student services
72xxxx Institutional support (campus-wide administration and support)
77xxxx Financial aid, undergraduate
78xxxx Financial aid, graduate
79xxxx Financial aid
80xxxx Budget provision

Organizational units

For the core organization codes (those that begin with 41), the third and fourth digits represent a major organizational unit or a collection of smaller units:

Code Organizational unit
4135xx International Relations/ Pacific Studies
4136xx Area Health Education Center
4142xx Medical Center programs
4147xx School of Medicine
4148xx School of Medicine
4149xx School of Medicine
4161xx Centers
4162xx Campus-wide departments
4163xx Provosts' offices
4164xx Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) - General
4165xx Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) - Marine facilities
4166xx Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) - Marine life research
4167xx Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) - CA Sea Grant program
4174xx Regents faculty fellowships
4175xx Work study programs
4176xx Other
4185xx Institute for Cognitive Science
4186xx Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
4187xx Research institutes - other
4188xx Centers
4193xx Institute of Marine Resources
4195xx Grant administration
4198xx Other
4199xx Summer session

Department or activity

The fifth and sixth digits of the organization code indicate the specific department or activity within an academic function. In non-academic functions, these digits can be used for any purpose.

Organization and program codes

For any transaction, the first two digits of the organization code must match the first two digits of the program code (except for organization codes that start with 41). See Valid Organization/ Program Code Combinations for more information.

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