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Legacy Valid Organization/Program Code Combinations

Find a list of legacy valid organization and program code combinations to use when you set up new indexes.

Organization and program codes

Organization codes identify departments or functional units within a department.

Program codes identify the function associated with a transaction or balance.

Valid code combinations

Edits are built into our financial system to validate organization and program code combinations based on the first two digits of each code. Generally each code needs to start with the same prefix, with the exception of Org codes starting with 41. Please refer to the table below to view the valid Org code prefix that may be used with a Program code prefix

See the table below for guidance:

Org code Program code Program description
41xxxx 40xxxx Instruction
41xxxx 44xxxx Research
41xxxx 62xxxx Public service
42xxxx 42xxxx Medical Center
43xxxx 43xxxx Academic support
60xxxx 60xxxx Libraries
61xxxx 61xxxx University Extension (ESPP)
64xxxx 64xxxx Operations and maintenance of plant
66xxxx 66xxxx Institutional support
68xxxx 68xxxx Student services
72xxxx 72xxxx Institutional support services
76xxxx 76xxxx Auxiliary enterprises
77xxxx 77xxxx Student aid-undergraduate
78xxxx 78xxxx Student aid-graduate
79xxxx 79xxxx Student aid-undergrad/grad
80xxxx 80xxxx Budgetary provisions
96xxxx 96xxxx Plant expenditures
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