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Frequently Used Legacy Account Codes

Find frequently used legacy account codes for the following types of transactions:

  • Equipment
  • Procurement
  • Travel
  • MyPayments

NOTE:  to view the Oracle account for the below IFIS account codes, use the IFIS Account to OFC lookup tool

Equipment account codes

Account code Account description
649000 Inventorial equipment, general
639000 Non-inventorial equipment, general
649900 Inventorial equipment, computer-related
639900 Non-inventorial equipment, computer-related
649091 Accessories
649610 Inventorial fabrication, UC-owned (taxable)
639610 Non-inventorial fabrication, UC-owned (taxable)
649611 Inventorial fabrication, government-owned (non-taxable)
639611 Non-inventorial fabrication, government-owned (non-taxable)

Travel account codes

Account code Account description
652000 In-state travel
652010 In-state conferences
652011 In-state recruitment
652001 In-state clinical trial monitoring
652900 Out-of-state travel
652910 Out-of-state conferences
652911 Out-of-state recruitment
652905 Out-of-state clinical trial monitoring
652902 Foreign travel
652901 Foreign travel: Canada/ Mexico
652903 Foreign travel: non-UC employees
652906 Foreign travel: clinical trial monitoring
637250 Entertainment
652700 Moves and transfers
637287 Outside training (non-travel)

MyPayments account codes

Account code Account description
637259 Advertising
636200 Books
634000 Communication services
637251 Film rentals
637900 Honorarium
637279 Human subjects
637282 Insurance
637206 Lecture fees
637283 License and taxes
637220 Membership/ dues
637286 Membership for periodicals
638046 Office and administrative supplies
637287 Outside training
636000 Page charges
637280 Patient care
635100 Rental of Space - Project Specific
634100 Reimbursement for telephone charges
636400 Reprints
652000 Request for mileage reimbursement
634002 Request for payment of postage
636301 Subscriptions
633000 Transportation of things
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