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Components of Legacy System Account Codes

Learn about the major components or sub-accounts of the legacy financial system operating ledger account codes.

Legacy System Expenditure account codes

Expenditure account codes are divided into categories based on the type of expenditure. These account classifications are called sub-accounts or, simply, subs. For example, account code 652900 is a sub 5, or travel account.

Legacy System Sub-accounts

The sub-account is an important attribute because it signals which expense transfer procedure(s) to use.

Legacy System Second digit

The second digit of the account indicates the category or sub-account:

Sub-account code Sub-account type
60xxxx Academic salaries
61xxxx Staff salaries
62xxxx General assistance (casual and student)
66xxxx Benefits
63xxxx Supplies and expenses
64xxxx Equipment
65xxxx Travel
68xxxx Unallocated
69xxxx Recharge income
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