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Signing Contracts and Agreements

Learn who has the responsibility to sign contracts for acquiring goods and services for the university.

If a supplier asks you to sign a document, it's probably a contract of some type, whether it's called a contract or not. Do not sign the document.

Who can sign

Only Procurement & Contracts specialists (professional buyers) can sign contracts and agreements. Contracts and agreements often contain terms and conditions that are in conflict with the business rules and policies of the university. Professional buyers understand these possible areas of disagreement and can negotiate with the supplier to come to a mutual agreement.

If a supplier asks you to sign a document, contact one of the Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions, Procurement & Contract specialists for your area. The professional buyer can review the document. If it is a contract or agreement, the professional buyer can assist in negotiation, as well as sign the contract for you. 

Delegation of authority

UCSD Procurement & Contracts has the delegated authority for signing all contracts or agreements that commit UCSD to purchase, rent, lease, license, subscribe to, or use goods or services. This delegation comes from the president of the university through the UCSD chancellor. Unless specifically granted by the chancellor or a designee, no other UCSD entity, faculty, or staff has this authority.

Warning: If you sign a contract or agreement, you may be held liable for the purchase.

Proof of insurance

Proof of insurance may be requested by a vendor or supplier when the university contracts for services or facilities. Read Proof of Insurance for information on obtaining a Certificate of Insurance from Risk Management.