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Network Security: Minimum Standards

Find out how to comply with security standards for any device connected to the UCSD network.

Because of the growing risk from worm, virus, or other computer attacks on UCSD's information technology infrastructure, sensitive data, and business processes, the Administrative Computing and Telecommunications Policy Committee (ACTPC) Security Subcommittee has developed network security standards that cover the range of devices connected to the UCSD network, including:
  • Shared, publicly accessible computers
  • Printers, network scanners, network faxes, Web cams, and other network appliances
  • Clients and servers that participate in sensitive activities
  • Clients, servers, and virtual machine (VM) host systems connected to, or part of, life-sustaining medical equipment, treatment delivery systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and heavy machinery control systems

The network security standards are listed in Exhibit B of the Network Security Policy.

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