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UCSD Receiving Delivery Address

When you place an order with an outside vendor, in most cases the package is delivered to UCSD Receiving. Read this page to determine what delivery information you need to give the vendor.

In the right place? If you order radioactive materials for your department, see How to Place Your Radioactive Materials Order and follow the addressing instructions.

UCSD's Receiving Department is the primary delivery location for incoming packages as required by UCSD policy. The Receiving Department protects UCSD customers from damages and shortages, and deals with any freight claims. In most cases:

  • Shipments should not be delivered directly to campus locations.

Packages are delivered to you the same day or the next business day after they are received by the Receiving Department. Note: Items that need to be uncrated or assembled require additional delivery time.

When placing an order in Marketplace

  • A shipping address is the address where you would like your order delivered. You can add a shipping address each time you checkout, or have it defaulted in your Marketplace Profile.
    1. To add or edit a shipping address during checkout:
      1. From the Shipping tab, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the Shipping box. You can also edit the shipping information on the Final Review tab.
      2. In the box that appears, click the drop-down to select from addresses saved to your Profile
        Click Select from UCSD Addresses to search across UCSD addresses by building or street name
      3. Select the correct address, and then add your room number.
      4. Click Save
        Note: To add this address to your Profile for future use, click the Add to Profile as: checkbox before clicking Save
    2. If your location is on campus, we encourage you to route all deliveries through Material Support Services in an effort to minimize the number of delivery trucks on campus. If you must ship a rush or perishable order directly to campus including on a Friday or a day preceding a holiday, search for '9500 Gilman' in the address search, select the UCSD Campus Direct address, and then add your room number and building name.

Please note: In Marketplace there are certain addresses that are offsite from the main campus that campus Receiving does not deliver to. If you are at one of these locations the supplier will ship goods directly to your location. If you have questions about shipping status, please contact the supplier directly. 

  • If your shipping address doesn't appear after you've searched for your building or street name, submit a case in BFSupport (https://bfsupport.ucsd.edu) with the following information:
    • The full address being requested
    • The UCSD department associated with the delivery location
    • How long the address will be used (Is it a permanent address, or a temporary address for a one-time shipment? Is it for a 3-6 month period? What is the length of the study?)
    • Justification for why the address is needed or what the purchases will be for (Did your department recently move? Is there a UCSD employee conducting field research at that location?Is it for a specific grant or study?)

Based on the duration and/or need, we may add the address into Marketplace on a temporary basis. If it is a one-time order, it may be faster to place the order using your Express Card or have Mail Services or Central Receiving forward it to you.

When placing an order outside of Marketplace from an address that campus Receiving delivers to, provide the following address information:

  • UCSD and phone number of contact person or person receiving goods
  • Name of contact person or person receiving goods and Mail Code
  • Building name and room number
  • Purchase order number, if any
  • 7835 Trade St., Suite 100
  • San Diego, CA   92121