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IPPS Initiatives

Read about the 2018-2019 Key Initiatives that are being tackled on a team level by an integrated group of diverse IPPS staff working collaboratively with campus clients and stakeholders.

As part of our organization’s overall strategic plan, several ‘Key Initiatives’ with target completion dates in 2018 - 2020 have been set in motion. Each key initiative is spearheaded by an IPPS team comprised of staff members from across all IPPS units. Team members selected which initiative(s) to join based on their own interests and career goals rather than their current role within IPPS. Building the teams in this way has fostered the motivation, creativity, and innovation that will ultimately lead to the completion and overall success of each initiative.

Logistics 2.0

This initiative explores solutions to create a fully sustainable and carbon-neutral Last Mile delivery system that is cost effective and expedient to meet the same day delivery expectations of expedited shipping methods to Campus and Health Systems locations. Learn more about Logistics 2.0.

Hotel Strategy

Contract with high usage, local hotels to negotiate more desirable terms and conditions, and beneficial concessions. Drive campus to use contracted suppliers for hospitality needs (e.g. room blocks, conferences, meetings, and events)

Client Communities

Create a framework for establishing communities of IPPS client advocates to develop IPPS relationships, including the successful adoption of processes and technology.

Savings Goals

Develop a plan to exceed the IPPS Benefit Bank goals in each of the next five years.

Holistic Supplier Management Strategy

Develop a culture of supplier management ownership throughout IPPS. Enhance supplier understanding of P2P and streamline administrative processes.

Talent Recruitment and Tracking

Optimize recruitment and introduce a method to support and track professional development of staff and students in IPPS and SFS.