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E-mail: Keeping a UCSD Address After You Leave

Find out how to keep your UCSD e-mail account after you leave the university.

When your affiliation with UCSD ends, you can continue receiving e-mail sent to your UCSD address by forwarding mail from your @ucsd.edu address to a non-UCSD address. This forwarding is available for up to one year from the date of your separation from UCSD.

To sign up for this service, send an e-mail message to the UCSD Postmaster. Include your UCSD e-mail address and the e-mail address it should forward to.

If you are emeritus faculty, please work with your department systems administrator or DSA to extend your email account into retirement.

If you join the Retirement Association, you have other options for retaining a UCSD e-mail identity. For more information, please contact the Retirement Association.