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Arranging Moving Company for Academic and Staff Moves

Learn how to arrange a move/ transfer with a UC contracted moving company and authorize the direct billing and payment using Concur.

1. Obtain the necessary approvals to pay for moving expenses for the new employee.

2. Gather the information.

Before contacting a UC contracted moving company regarding the household move, gather the information you'll need to provide.

  • Employee name and contact information including:
    • Home phone number
    • Cell phone number(s) 
    • Email(s)
    • Spouse or/and Partner name and contact information, if applicable.
  • Anticipated move date
  • Origin Address
  • Destination Address
  • Details regarding automobile shipping, storage or lab/office moves, when applicable.
    Note: Certain titles must obtain specific approvals for autos, storage or lab/office move. Review Policy to ensure appropriate approval has been obtained.
  • UC San Diego department contact name, department mail code for invoicing, and phone

Reminder: Employee household goods and personal effects must be invoiced individually and separate from lab/office move, when applicable.

3. Obtain a quote from a UC San Diego contracted moving company.

Negotiated rates and direct billing can only be obtained when making arrangements through one of the following UC San Diego contracted moving company representatives:

  • Alex Moving and Storage (Agent of North America):
    • Maribel Mendoza at 800-231-4765 ext 233
    • Specialty: West Coast including Arizona and Texas household goods relocation move
  • Alexander’s Mobility Services (Agent of Atlas):
    • Michelle Smith  503-937-1410 
    • Specialty: International, Midwest, and East Coast household goods and lab, office relocation move
  • Beverly Hills Transfer and Storage
    • Stephen Glabb  310-532-1121 ext 1112
    • Specialty: Domestic household goods move
  • Chipman Relocation (Agent of United):
  • King Relocation Service (Agent of United):
    • Connie Martinez at 800-854-3679 ext 163
    • Specialty: All USA household goods and office relocation moves
  • Mesa Moving and Storage:
    • Kacie Hill at (800) 523-4656 ext 7813 or Mary Pope ext 7807   
    • Specialty: Domestic small household shipments, up to 4 containers
  • Suddath Relocation Systems (Agent of United):
  • Sullivan Moving and Storage (Agent of United):

Note: The moving company requires 4 to 6 weeks to survey, estimate, arrange and schedule a move/ transfer.

UC San Diego department contact and new employee reviews documentation from moving company to ensure information is complete, including:

  • Estimated move cost
  • Estimated pack, load and move dates, and special instructions, when applicable
  • Terms and conditions, including insurance provided and claims process
Note: It is recommended that jewelry and other small valuables are transported by the employee. If the moving company transports small valuable items, verification, such as a professional appraisal detailing the item's actual cash value, might be required.
Important!UC contracted moving companies provide some replacement value risk insurance included in the rate. Review the adequacy of this coverage. If additional coverage is needed, contactUC San Diego Risk Management.

4. Create a Request in Concur.

Complete a Request in Concur,

  • Type of Trip: Select Move/ Transfer as the trip type.  Complete all necessary fields and attachments. Approval of the Travel Request is required.
  • Use the Trip number to authorize the move with the UC SanDiego contracted moving company.

5. Select a moving company and proceed with move.

Department contact selects the UC San Diego contracted moving company

  • Finalizes move and delivery dates
  • Confirms move cost
  • Provides the Concur Report ID to authorize the direct billing
  • Provides the department contact billing address for receipt of the moving company invoice
    Note: Moving company invoices are sent directly to the department contact for reporting and payment in the Concur Expense Report.

New employee

  • Obtain moving company contact information from department contact
  • Confirm move and delivery dates with the moving company
  • Check the inventory list provided by the moving company at the place of origin 
    Note: Claims for loss or damage may only be filed for items included on the inventory list.

6. Post-move checklist.

  • Confirm delivery of all property using the inventory list
    Note: Immediately file a claim directly with the moving company for any missing or damaged items.
  • Review the bill of lading to confirm the total weight of the items move

7. Review and attach moving company invoice for payment.

  • Department coordinator receives invoice directly from moving company for review and payment.
    Note: Immediately report any discrepancies on invoices or disputed claims to the shipper contact.
  • Attach invoice(s) to the Concur Request and follow instruction to submit for payment.
For more information, see who to contact for additional guidance.
Notice: Published UCSD policy is decisive as it has been adapted to UCSD's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts. The source for this policy is UC Policy and Regulations for MSP and PSS personnel (PDF) and Senior Management Group Moving Reimbursement (PDF).