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Using MyMeetings and Hosted Events

Learn about MyMeetings and Hosted Events (MyEvents)

MyMeetings and Hosted Events (MyEvents) was used to claim expenses or request payments, deposits, and Travel Card reimbursements for meetings, programmatic activities, and entertainment. These expense claims and requests for payment are now processed through MyPayments (login required).

Documents still pending approval in MyEvents can be processed and approved in MyEvents. New documents should be created in MyPayments. 

MyEvents document history will continue to be accessible in MyEvents and FinancialLink. 

The following information is applicable for approving existing MyEvents documents and querying historical MyEvents documents.

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Logging in

  • Go to MyEvents.
    • If you're logged in to a Business Systems account, the MyEvents welcome screen appears. Proceed to step 3.
    • If you're not logged in to a Business Systems account, you'll see the sign-in screen. Log on with your user ID and password.

Note: If you don't have a Business Systems account user ID and password, see Business Systems account.

Viewing a document

  • Read the welcome screen.
  • Select View a completed document 

Approval information

  • MyEvents automatically e-mails the host for approval, as needed, on completion. See routing pathways in MyMeetings and Hosted Events Overview.
  • Approval routing is based on your EN/ENT approval template, so if you have more than one template, choose the appropriate one for routing the request.
  • If needed, MyEvents automatically provides you with an option(s) for special entertainment approval. Choose the appropriate primary and alternate approver.
Note: If you're the preparer and primary approver at level 3 of your approval hierarchy template, MyEvents uses your alternate approver at level 3 to provide for separation of duties. If no alternate is designated, MyEvents routes to the approver at level 2.

Reviewing and submitting the claim

  • Check the details of the MyEvents claim displayed on the Submit page, and click I Agree if the information is accurate.
    • If you're preparing your own claim, you certified the expense claim by selecting I Agree in the review and submit portion of MyMeetings.
    • If you're preparing on behalf of a host/ meeting coordinator, the host will receive an e-mail to certify their claim using MyApprovals.
  • Final processing depends on claim details, timely submission of receipts, and the time required for the approver to review it.
  • Reimbursements are issued on the business day following approval.

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