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Mileage From San Diego to Other California Cities

Use this mileage table to determine mileage between San Diego and other California cities.

Check the mileage chart to find one-way mileage between San Diego and other California cities. Use Google Maps to find mileage for cities not listed in the table or to determine the distance traveled between locations.

When selecting mode of travel, choose the most economical option for the situation.

If a traveler needs to use surface transportation, even though air travel using the lowest available airfare is the most economical, here’s how to handle it:

Before the trip:

  1. Obtain approval: Work with your business office or the person who approves travel in your area.
  2. Know travel policy: Total cost of surface transportation cannot exceed the equivalent lowest cost airfare plus local transportation to and from terminals. Total cost of surface transportation may include:
    • Meal or lodging, if a minimum of 300 miles per day is traveled by the most direct route
    • Parking, tolls, taxis and/or ferries
  3. Know pricing: Find the lowest cost airfare (regular coach/ economy) and add the transportation costs to and from the terminals. Use this figure as the dollar amount that cannot be exceeded if opting for surface transportation in lieu of air travel.

After the trip: Request reimbursement. When entering the expense claim in MyTravel, enter a note as to the approved use of surface transportation in lieu of air travel and attach documentation that supports the cost comparison.

City One-way mileage
to/ from San Diego
Alturas 741
Anaheim 86
Auburn 539
Bakersfield 232
Barstow 180
Benica 513
Berkeley 493
Bishop 360
Blythe 222
Bodega Bay 594
Burbank 127
Chico 638
Claremont 107
Davis 520
Death Valley 407
El Centro 110
Eureka 776
Fairfield 554
Fort Bragg 669
Fresno 339
Grass Valley 562
Irvine 81
Laguna Beach 75
La Jolla 13
Lassen National Park 713
Las Vegas 332
Lone Pine 307
Long Beach 103
Los Angeles 119
Mammoth Lakes 400
Manteca 447
Martinez 509
Merced 395
Modesto 432
Mojave 213
Monterey 442
Napa 566
Needles 311
Nevada City 567
Newport Beach 81
Oakland 520
Ontario 125
Oxnard 178
Palmdale 182
Palm Springs 135
Palo Alto 482
Pasadena 134
Placerville 548
Redding 680
Reno 561
Richmond 534
Riverside 92
Sacramento 505
Salinas 441
San Bernardino 104
San Francisco 530
San Jose 462
San Juan Capistrano 66
San Luis Obispo 322
San Mateo 492
San Pedro 118
San Rafael 559
Santa Ana 84
Santa Barbara 216
Santa Cruz 462
Santa Maria 290
Santa Rosa 549
Sausalito 545
Sequoia National Park 361
Sonoma 584
Sonora 447
South Lake Tahoe 542
Stockton 493
Susanville 714
Ukiah 611
Vallejo 545
Ventura 185
Yosemite National Park 434
Yreka 756
Yuba City 546
Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).