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Paying for Group Travel

Use this guide to pay for and reconcile group travel when 3 or more people are traveling to the same destination for approximately the same duration.

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1. Designate a group leader.

Designate a UC San Diego employee as a group leader. The group leader is also one of the travelers.

2. Preauthorize the travel, including a participant list in the document text.

  • Use the Create a new trip feature in MyTravel, using the traveler ID designated in step 1, to preauthorize travel.
  • Include a participant list in the document text, indicating:
    • Traveler names.
    • Traveler citizenship and visa status.

3. Determine the types of expenses.

  • For airfare, follow steps 4-5, and complete steps 7 and 8 after the trip has concluded.
  • For conference registration and/or hotel deposit, follow step 6, and complete steps 7 and 8 after the trip has concluded.

4. Determine the destination.

Follow the guidelines on best airfare buying practices.

For small groups, online via Connexxus. If there are more than four travelers, the itinerary is complex or subject to change, proceed to step 5.

5. Contact a travel agent.

  • Call a Connexxus agent at Balboa Travel, (858) 678-3752. 
  • Request flight options and select one that is appropriate.
  • When you're ready to ticket the airfare:
    • Give the agent the trip number generated in step 2 and request that airfare be billed to UC San Diego.
    • Inform the agent that you are arranging "group travel" and that the event number will be the same for all travelers.

6. Request prepayment for conference registration fees and/or hotel deposit.

  • Choose from the following:
    • UC San Diego Travel Card: Conference registration fees, hotel deposits and required prepayments should be paid using the group leader's Travel Card.   
      Note: If the group prepayments exceed $2,000, email travelcard@ucsd.edu to request a limit increase on your Travel Card.  Please include the trip number and prepayment amount.
      • Provide the card number and ask for a confirmation number.
        Note: Travel merchants sometimes use non-travel merchant codes. If your transaction is declined email travelcard@ucsd.edu to request the merchant code is made available. Requests can take up to 24 business hours.
      • Use the Travel Card prepayment option in MyTravel to generate a payment to the group leader’s Travel Card. Log onto MyTravel, select Create Prepayment, choose Travel Card from the drop down menu and complete the fields using the trip number created when travel was preauthorized in step 2.
    • Check: Employees should use their Travel Card and the Travel Card Prepayment option in MyTravel for all trip-related payments and advances. Use a check only if there is no other option.
      • Log on to MyTravel and locate the trip
      • Select Create prepayment.
      • Choose the payment type, enter the payee name and amount to be paid.
        • Complete individual prepayment requests in MyTravel for hotel deposits and conference registration fees.
    • Wire: Employees should use their Travel Card and the Travel Card Prepayment option in MyTravel for all trip-related payments and advances. Use a wire only if there is no other option (e.g., conference or hotel does not accept credit cards or for non-employee travelers) and be aware that sending a wire has inherent risk and is costly.
      • Follow requesting a wire instructions to complete a foreign wire form (PDF) for each prepayment for each traveler.
      • Write the event number and traveler ID within the wire form, and either scan as a PDF and attach within MyTravel, email to travel@ucsd.edu, or fax it to Travel, (858) 534-8177. For registration, include a copy of the completed conference registration form.
        Note: The copy of the conference registration will be used for documentation purposes only and not accompany the wire to the banking institution.

7. Obtain the receipts from the group leader.

Obtain original receipts that are required for claiming expenses, including:

  • Airfare receipt/ itinerary.
  • Itemized hotel receipt.
  • Itemized rental car receipt.

Note: If you have purchased an electronic ticket, the itinerary / invoice serves as the receipt. Receipts for ticketless travel may also be requested at the airline gate.

8. Report expenses after trip completion.

Note: A traveler who incurs expenses that are not reimbursed on the group leader's MyTravel document (e.g., personal mileage, shuttle, incidental expenses) may submit an individual MyTravel document to request reimbursement. Reference the group event number in the "Remarks".

9. Check the status of the claim.

  • To review a claim:
    • Log into MyTravel.
    • Click Search for payment, enter the traveler's name and click Submit.
    • Locate the payment and click View to see the approval history and status.

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Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).