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University-Hosted Events: What to Consider

Use this checklist to determine which policies and methods to follow when handling an event hosted by UC San Diego.

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Type of Event

Determine if entertainment policy applies, and if so, whether the event is standard entertainment or special entertainment.

  • See Meetings and Entertainment: Overview to help you determine which policies apply. You'll consider such factors as the participants and their relationship to UCSD, and the purpose of the event.

Existence of an Agreement or Contract

Find out if there is an agreement with a service or food provider.

  • If there is an agreement, do not sign itas you risk personal liability. Send the document to HospitalityContracts@ucsd.edu for Purchasing to review and sign. The typical turnaround time for a most agreements is one to two business days.

Location, Food, and Drink

Find out if the event will be on campus, and if so, whether there will be food and drink.

Participant Travel

Find out if any participant will incur UCSD-paid travel expenses, such as airfare or lodging.

  • If there are travel expenses such as airfare, or lodging outside the vicinity of the participant's residence or headquarters, it is a travel event. Preauthorize the event via MyTravel, and follow travel policy requirements.

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This information is designed to help you determine which policies and process to follow. It should be used in combination with the factors and examples found on Meetings and Entertainment: Overview. If you have questions after reviewing both pages, see Meetings and Entertainment: FAQ, or contact one of the following:

Notice: UC San Diego policy for meetings, entertainment, and hosted events, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts, and processing applications. The source is UC Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions.