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Connexxus: Booking Travel

Find out how to book business travel through Connexxus.

In the right place? See step-by-step instructions for making arrangements for personal travel.

Before making travel arrangements, be sure to:

  1. Preauthorize the trip
  2. Log on to Connexxus
  3. Set up Connexxus traveler profile (employees only)

To book business travel, choose a Connexxus booking option and follow the instructions:

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Balboa Travel

To purchase using Balboa Travel:

  1. From the Connexxus home page under Book Travel Online, select Balboa Travel (Concur).
  2. Select the appropriate traveler in the drop-down menu, Travel for, found in the upper right section of the search screen.
    1. For an employee traveler not appearing in the list, click Search, enter the first few letters of the traveler's name or email address, then select desired traveler from result list.
    2. For a non-employee traveler:
      1. Select Guest Traveler

        guest traveler
      2. Have guest traveler's personal information ready to input later in the booking process. (Traveler's full name, date of birth, and gender.)
    Note: You can change Balboa Travel preferences to display traveler information on the left side of your page, see how. If you prefer the default view, see how to change it back.
  3. On Balboa's search page, enter your flight search information.
    1. For Amtrak, click on the rail tab and enter search information.

      rail search
  4. Make selections from your search results.
  5. To add car rental to your search, check the box for Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport.
  6. To search for a hotel, check the box for Find a Hotel and select your preferences.
    Note: Car and hotel are reservations only, therefore the traveler's UC San Diego Travel Card (preferred) is required when making arrangements in Connexxus. See additional information on Renting a Car for UC San Diego Business Travel and Paying for Conference Registration or Hotel Deposit.
  7. Make selections from search results.
  8. For airfare or Amtrak, select UCSD CTS Air Charge Card from drop-down payment selection.

    CTS charge
  9. When prompted, enter the 8 digit trip number (include leading zeros). Click Next.
  10. Once reservation(s) are complete, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your travel itinerary.

For assistance with Balboa Travel reservations, call (888) 617-5005.

Southwest (SWABIZ)

To purchase using SWABIZ:

  1. From the Connexxus home page under Southwest Air, select SWABIZ.
  2. Log on to SWABIZ:
    • First-time users, enroll in Rapid Rewards program (UC's company ID number is 99723724).
    • Rapid Rewards members, click Traveler Account Login in upper right corner, enter Rapid Rewards number and password. See a demo.
  3. Note: Connexxus Traveler profile is not tied to UC's SWABIZ site. The Rapid Rewards program will serve as your traveler profile for future travel events.

  4. At SWABIZ's Search page, enter flight search information.
  5. Select desired flight information from search results.
  6. To add car rental to your trip check the box for I would like to add a Car to this trip.
  7. Enter method of payment (UC San Diego Travel Card or other personal credit cards).
  8. Choose UCSD-University of CA San Diego from drop down menu for "Select Existing IRN."
  9. Once reservation(s) are complete, a confirmation email and itinerary is sent to the traveler. 
  10. Print extra copies of the newly issued ticket located under the Travel Summary tab of SWABIZ as Southwest does not have the capability to store past trip dates.

Note: Unlike Connexxus agencies:

  • Travel accident insurance is not automatically applied for trips booked in SWABIZ. The traveler must register with UC Risk Management for any trip beyond 100 miles of campus or residence. Learn more.
  • Past date trip information is not stored, in the event a traveler/ arranger needs a copy of a ticket invoice for expense purposes contact Southwest's Customer Service & Support (800) 435-9792.

For assistance with SWABIZ reservations, call Southwest Airlines, (800) 435-9792.

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Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).