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Balboa Travel Booking Tool Features

Learn about special features available when using the Balboa Travel online tool, Concur.

In the right place? See step-by-step instructions on how to book travel using the Balboa Travel online tool, Concur.

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Apply unused ticket credits

Travelers and designated arrangers can see unused ticket credits on the the "home" page and on the "flight" and/or "fare" search pages.

unused ticket

unused ticket

Credits for profiled travelers are automatically applied when a new trip is on the same airline as the original ticket, and the new fare is higher than the credit. 

If the unused ticket is for a guest, and you are booking the ticket for the same guest, add the request to apply to the credit in the "comments to the agent" section. Include any information you have, such as ticket number, record locator, and/or credit value.

unused tickets

Additional information:

  • Unused ticket credits generally expire one year after the purchase date.
  • All airlines charge an “exchange fee.” In order for the credit to be available for future use, the canceled ticket must have a value which exceeds the airlines change fees.
  • Most airlines charge a $150 exchange fee to use a domestic ticket credit. Southwest Airlines does not charge a change fee.
  • Fare differences for the new dates/times/route will also apply.
  • Some airlines may allow use of the credit for a different traveler. An additional “name change fee” usually applies.
    • As a benefit of the Connexxus program tickets purchased through Balboa Travel for American Airlines, Delta, and United are eligible for name changes.
    • Additional airlines that may allow for name changes are Jet Blue, Alaska Air, and Southwest Airlines.
      Note: You can change the name on a Southwest ticket once a LUV Voucher is issued, which is one year after the purchase date.
  • Assistance with name change is provided by calling a Balboa agent.

Change or cancel a booking

To cancel a booking

  • Click heading Trip Library.
  • Locate the trip you'd like to cancel from your list of options, click Actions.
  • From the menu, select Cancel Trip.
    Note: All segments of the itinerary will be canceled. Airfare can be canceled within 24 hours of the booking, and only the original booking fee applies. For tickets canceled after 24 hours, the original booking fee applies, the ticket becomes an unused ticket and the credit is applied to future travel.

 To change a booking

Changes to flights can only be made prior to a ticket being issued. If a ticket has been issued, call a Balboa agent, otherwise:

  • Click heading Trip Library.
  • Locate the trip you'd like to change from your list of options, click Actions.
  • From the menu, select Change Trip.
    Note: If you change a booking after 24 hours, a new booking fee will apply to the new ticket.

Change or add frequent flyer program

Change frequent flyer program during the booking process

  • On the search results page, click Show details.
    Show details
  • Click on Change frequent flyer program, all the programs the traveler is enrolled in (from the Connexxus Traveler Profile, “Loyalty” section) will show and you can select the one that the traveler prefers to use.
    select frequent flyer program

Change frequent flyer program after booking

  • Click heading Upcoming Trips
  • Click the trip you'd like to change

    Select trip

  • Click Change frequent flyer program and enter airline/ car/ hotel frequent traveler number

    Change program

Add a frequent flyer program

Follow the steps below if you realize, during the booking process, that a frequent flyer program has not been added to your Connexxus profile.

  • Select Add a program and enter frequent flying information
  • Click Change Programs
  • Confirm that the "Frequent flyer program changes sent" message is displayed
  • Click Close

    Add a program

Change hotel and car reservations

You can manage the following changes to your car and/or hotel reservations online before your trip beings:

  • Changing the dates, times, or your entire booking.
  • Add car rental to your hotel reservation.
  • Add hotel to your car reservation.
  • Add additional hotels or cars if your trip has multiple stops.

To make changes to your trip 

  • Select the desired trip from the "Upcoming Trips" tab.

    Select desired trip

  • From the "Trip Overview" page, select the desired action. (The following example is to "Change your hotel dates.")
  • Click Change next to the hotel you'd like to change.
  • Make your date selections from the calendar and click Change Date.
  • The new "Trip Overview" is displayed, you can make additional changes or add items to your trip from this page.
  • Once your changes are complete click the Next button.

    hotel selections

Check in for your flight

  • Under Travel Info, select the desired airline from the drop-down menu under Check In.

Online Check-in
  • The airline's check in page will open in a new window.
  • Complete check in process as directed.

Clone a trip

The clone a trip feature allows arrangers to book a trip for additional travelers scheduled to travel to the same destination, allowing for changes to travel dates and times.
  • Click heading Trip Library.
  • Locate the trip you'd like to clone from your list of options, click Actions.
  • From the menu, select Clone Trip.
  • Select traveler you'd like to clone the trip for.
  • Make desired changes to trip, if necessary.
  • Click Next.
  • Complete booking process.

Enroll in E-Receipt

E-receipt is a feature that collects and stores receipts of transactions charged to the traveler's activated credit card. This can be either a UC San Diego Travel card or personal credit card saved in the traveler's Connexxus profile. Only the traveler can initiate this feature, once initiated the travel arranger has the ability to view receipts.

  • Click Sign up here on the home tab. (This option only appears if you're currently not enrolled.)
    E-Receipt graphic
  • Click E-Receipt Activation, followed by I Accept.
  • Once E-Receipt is enabled, you can locate supporting vendors by locating the E-Receipt Enabled icon.

    E-Receipt enabled

Share a trip

Share a trip can be used to email trip information to additional travelers.
  • Click heading Upcoming Trips
  • Locate the trip you'd like to clone from your list of options, click Trip from (destination info).
  • Select Share a trip.
  • Select desired recipient from the drop down list.

Setting up Concur's mobile app

  • Look up your Concur Username
    • Under the Profile tab, click Mobile Registration, here you will find your unique Username (XXXXXX@UC.Balboa).
    Mobile registration
  • From your mobile device, search and install the Concur Mobile App.

Mobile App Download


  • To open the App, click the Concur icon on your menu screen, enter your Username and click Continue.

Concur Sign In


  • Once you enter your Password, you can use the Concur App to view your current trips, or make new travel arrangements.

Mobile travel arrangements


View an itinerary

  • If you're the traveler, click the Upcoming Trips tab. Then select the trip you want to view.

    Task screenshot

  • If you're the travel arranger, select Arrangers. Then click the Upcoming Travelers tab, and enter the search dates to see your travelers' upcoming trips.

    Task screenshot

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Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).